Mirena Migration

Mirena migration means the tiny IUD has moved where it doesn’t belong, which can cause serious problems in a woman’s body. Contact Mirena IUD attorney Greg Spizer today if you suffered from Mirena migration.

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Even if Mirena is implanted without complications, it can perforate the uterus or embed itself in the uterine wall, the omentum or a nearby organ. This spontaneous movement can cause infections, dangerous scar tissue known as an adhesion, and even infertility.

A migrated IUD may require surgery to remove it, which can range from a simple to a very painful and difficult procedure. Some women have reported to Anapol Schwartz that they needed surgery to dislodge Mirena from the uterine wall. One woman’s physician found her IUD near her intestine. Another woman needed Mirena removed from a place near her spine.

Regardless of where the implant moves, the drug manufacturer didn’t tell users that they may have to face this scary situation at any time during the five years their IUD is in place. Don’t suffer in silence if you suffered these Mirena complications. Drug manufacturers need to know they can’t make dangerous products available without warning people.

Contact Mirena lawyer Gregory Spizer today. Your state limits the amount of time you have to file a Mirena lawsuit, so act now to protect your legal rights.

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